There are numerous areas of this Resident Web Site that are not normally visited by residents.  Many of these provide a great deal of information about varied subjects and things.  This week we are directing you to the "LINKS for everyone page".  This page provides a huge selection of information covering topics ranging from Colorado points of interest, local areas of interest, entertainment, sports, restaurant reviews, local AMC movies, and an enormous varitey of information about Highlands Ranch. Click HERE to view page.

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Each week we attempt to point you towards new and/or important events taking place at Wind Crest.  We suggest that glancing at the items below on a daily basis will help you keep on top of what is happening.


RESIDENTS:  The Wind Crest Webbers are pleased to announce the publication of a new, revised, and improved “RESIDENT DIRECTORY”.  This directory includes resident pictures as well as all other formerly published information.  Residents not yet included on this Directory are highly encouraged to sign up using the form provided so that this Directory can become the best communication tool possible for the  Wind Crest Community.  It will be kept up-to-date with new members added as they provide their information and deceased members removed in a timely and respectful manner.   Residents will be able to view the total community or one building at a time.  Click HERE to access the Directory.


Wind Crest Weekly Windmill
Updated calendar events

October 20-26
Weekly Windmill Oct 20th.pdf
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October 27-November 2
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