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Each week we attempt to point you towards new and/or important events taking place at Wind Crest.  We suggest that glancing at the items below on a daily basis will help you keep on top of what is happening.

Miss the Wind Crest Chorale Concert???  Catch it HERE

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR RESIDENTS!!!! The Front Page of the Web Site has changed.  Click on the Main Headings such as "CURRENT INFORMATION" to find all of the available information.  Explore just a little and you will easily become familiar with the new LOOK!!!!


HELPING HANDS is a group of residents that provide much needed assistance to residents in need.  Click HERE for details.

Looking for info on Special Event Trips for May?  Try the Transportation Calendar found HERE.  All needed information is available to you.

PLEASE NOTE:  A current and correct listing of telephone numbers can be found HERE.

McHenry's Crossing Front Desk telephone number is:  303-876-8313


Wind Crest Weekly Windmill
Updated calendar events

May 18 - 24
Weekly Windmill May 18 2015pub.pdf
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The May Gazette can be found HERE

The May Resident Town Meeting Slides are HERE.

The March 18, 2015 RAC Minutes can be found HERE

To see the April 24, 2015 RAC Forum slides, Click Here

View Marketing Calendar.  Click HERE view.  01.24.14

An updated COTRAC Roster can be viewed HERE.