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Each week we attempt to point you towards new and/or important events taking place at Wind Crest.  We suggest that glancing at the items below on a daily basis will help you keep on top of what is happening.


The website, in conjunction with General Services, is most pleased to announce another electronic form.  This is a Request for Maintenance Form which goes straight to General Services.  They guarantee a reply within 24 hours or sooner.  Click HERE to go to the Forms For Residents page where you may access the form.

Note:  The AWAY LOG Electronic form is back on the website.  Go to GENERAL INTEREST - "Forms for Residents" to access.

Community TV (54/22) special broadcast schedule available HERE

The Complimentary Shopping Trip schedules are now available HERE.

NOTE:  Residents wishing sign up for Special Event Trips can now  use an easy to use 'Electronic Request Form" found HERE.

ATTENTION ALL RECENTLY MOVED IN RESIDENTS:  Please consider joining your fellow residents on the Resident Directory. The more residents in the Directory, the more valuable it becomes. Go HERE for the form. Why not join the 680 already there??


Wind Crest Weekly Windmill
& Activities Calendar

Activities Calendar - April 24-30
Adobe Acrobat document [19.5 KB]
Activities Calendar - Apr 29-May 6
Weekly Activities Calendar May week1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Windmill - April 24-30
Adobe Acrobat document [414.7 KB]
New file download

The March 2016 RAC Minutes can be found HERE

The April 2016 Resident Town Meeting slides are HERE

The December 18, 2015 RAC Forum slides are Here

A 2016 COTRAC Roster can be viewed here